Veterinary Services for Cats

Cats are a constant staple of a loving and happy home. It is important that we keep this adorable member of our families happy and healthy for as long as possible. For this reason, Healing Paws Animal Hospital offers the following care options and health packages in order to keep that family pet purring and a good long while yet.

We know cats are NOT small dogs. Their needs are well met through every step of the feline visit. We are proud to offer a specific cat-only exam room, exam room checkout, and a side exit bypassing the hectic lobby that allows you and your cat to feel comfortable in our spacious facility and enjoy a stress-free ending to your fear free vet visit. 

Fun fact: Average life span of a cat is 15.1 years

Orang cat lying down

Routine Wellness/Preventive Care

  • We offer vaccinations and preventative protocols that are specifically tailored to your cat or kitten depending on their life stage and lifestyle. 
Kitten getting scratched under the chin

Kitten Wellness Exams

  • Kitten Wellness Visit: includes wellness examinations, lifestyle vaccine, fecal screens, FeLV/FIV testing as kittens and annually if your cat is indoor/outdoor OR in contact with an outdoor cat.
Sick cat lying on the floor

Non Routine/Illness Evaluation

  • Our services address issues including limping, painful hair loss, itching, head shaking, not eating, vomiting, diarrhea, vision loss, tripping/falling, behavior changes, coughing, difficulty breathing, lethargy, and other illnesses. 
Fuzzy cat with unique facial markings

Fear Free Visits

  • Our team will alert Dr. Carrie to any anxiety/fear your cat has had at previous vet visits so we can best prepare for your visit.  We will email you a handout on how to best transport an anxious pet to start the visit off on the right foot.  Please bring your pet hungry, as we will offer treats to positively reinforce the experience (and inform us of any allergies).  Sometimes, anti-anxiety medications will be prescribed prior to your appointment in order to help your nervous cat cope with the vet visit.
Black and white cat laying on blankets

Feline Dentistry and Oral Surgery

  • Tartar, broken teeth, gingivitis, bad breath, and abscesses are commonly found in your cat’s mouth.  Left untreated, your pet can suffer pain/discomfort as well as bacterial spread through their body, affecting the heart, liver, and kidneys.  We offer a full service dental suite equipped with digital dental radiographs.  Dental X-rays allow us to see disease below the gum line and treat accordingly.  
Tri-colored cat laying in a grassy field

Urgent Care/ Emergencies

  • We want to be there for you and your cat.  During our office hours, we offer urgent and emergency care services.  Please call ahead to alert the staff to the problem so that we can best serve your needs.  After hour emergencies are referred to PETS ER.
Kitten with paws outstretched

Orthopedic Surgery

  • We offer some orthopedic procedures.  Based upon the diagnosis, Dr. Carrie will give you options for the best possible surgical outcomes for your cat or kitten.  Our goal is that your critter is back to themselves in no time!
Orange kitten snuggled in owner's arms

Soft Tissue Surgery

  • We have a state of the art surgical suite equipped with technology and experience to provide the best possible outcomes under anesthesia.  Using a Ligasure device, your cat will receive human-quality surgical care with this advanced vessel sealant device.  This reduces anesthesia time by 50% and allows for a quicker and safer procedure. 
Small kitten looking down

CO2 Surgical Laser

  • CO2 surgical lasers allow for less blood loss, less pain and swelling, and quicker recovery for your cat.  Soft palate resections and stenotic nares corrections are performed with less swelling and post-operative complications while allowing for much easier breathing for your pet.  Superficial skin tags/growths can quickly be removed with a local anesthetic, allowing your cat to bypass general anesthesia.
Cat getting low before a pounce

Cat Behavior Consults

  • Consultations to address your concerns will start with the completion of a behavior assessment form prior to the appointment.  This will allow for you to really dig deep into the issues to help Dr. Carrie with a diagnosis and strategic remedies.  We understand how stressful and, at times, embarrassing it can be to have your beloved cat act out.  We are here to help your pet the best we can.
Orange cat lying down on blankets

Therapeutic Laser

  • Our office uses the cutting edge K-laser, a therapeutic laser treatment that effectively treats pain, decreases inflammation, and increases circulation for your cat or kitten.
Kitten sitting in the window


  • We offer a complete in-house lab, as well as digital x-ray.  With these technologies, HPAH offers quick turn around for critical cases where seconds count.  We also utilize an outside laboratory to complement our in-house lab with advanced testing technologies.
Adult cat lying on a desk

Hospice/End of Life Services

  • Our bereavement room is staged as a comfortable living room to relax your cat and bring them a sense of peace and comfort.  We also provide off-site cremation services by request.  

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“Dr. Vigeant is an amazing and caring person who I would put all my trust into care for my beloved pets. She goes above and beyond to help her patients. All of my cats have fallen in love with her; she’s very kind and gentle.”
Jamie H.

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