Veterinary Services

Puppy looking well

Puppy & Kitten Wellness Visit

 Includes wellness examinations, all vaccines, fecal screens, roundworm deworming, and sterilization surgery as age appropriate.

Adult Pet Wellness Visit

Includes annual wellness examination, all vaccines, annual fecal screen, annual blood parasite screen, and annual wellness lab work.

Geriatric Pet Wellness Visit

Includes biannual wellness examinations, all vaccines, annual fecal screen, annual blood parasite screen, and annual wellness lab work.
Cat stretching on windowsill
Hospice/End-of-Life Care
Compassionate quality of life evaluations; humane euthanasia; cremation services; remembrance paw prints.

Urgent & Emergency Care

Our Urgent and Emergency Care services are available during normal business hours. Urgent and Emergency Care is prioritized to ensure your pet receives the care they so deserve.
Includes state-of-the-art anesthesia with advanced surgical monitoring; preventive sterilization; dental surgery and prophylaxis; soft tissue surgery; orthopedic surgery.
Home Deliveries
Food/prescriptions delivered to doorstep through online pharmacy.

Curbside Vet Service

We are happy to offer curbside service to your pet, ensuring their anxiety is kept to a minimum and special attention is given to their needs. 
Cat sleeping on yellow table
Preventative Care
Vaccination; wellness medications for ectoparasites/endoparasites; screening diagnostics.

Non-Routine Pet Evaluations

When your beloved pet is not feeling well or experiencing health-related issues, an evaluation and diagnostic testing can help reveal the underlying problem. Evaluations are available for juvenile/adult/geriatric phases of life.
Fear Free Certified
Certified staff cultivates a low-stress appointment experience for patient and client alike.
Black and white cat being examined at home
In-House Diagnostics
We offer state of the art digital radiography (xray), as well as in-house lab testing, providing you and your pet with quick results and faster care.
Dog and Cat Only Exam Rooms
To keep your critter at ease and decrease their fear, anxiety, and stress, we offer exam rooms specifically for them and their needs.  Each exam room is equipped with a large bench seat for clients and their pets to sit on.  The exam can occur anywhere the pet is most comfortable, whether it be on the well-padded exam table, the spacious exam room floor, or in the comfort of your lap.  


Compassionate veterinary care.


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"Let all that you do be done in Love."

- 1 Corinthians 16:14 


Comfortable, compassionate pet care.